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Lifehouse May 31st onsiteThe Chris O'Brien Lifehouse at RPA

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October 13-14, 2012. Riding throughout New South Wales’ scenic countryside in two days.

Sure, it sounds like a lot — and it’s meant to be. But make no mistake, this event isn’t just for athletes or cycling enthusiasts.

The Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer is for anyone who wants to challenge themselves for a great cause. All you need is motivation, a bike and a helmet. The money you raise for The Ride will benefit the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at RPA, a world-class cancer treatment and research facility providing integrated care and support services to public and private patients.

Your 2-day cycling adventure begins as you gather with fellow Riders for an inspiring Opening Ceremony, where we’ll remember those lost to cancer and honour those continuing the fight. After an energising sendoff, you’ll Ride out of Sydney with a renewed sense of purpose, as you follow the winding route through some of New South Wales’ most beautiful scenery.

You will discover parts of New South Wales you’ve never seen. As you begin your epic ride by heading southwest, Sydney’s urban excitement will gradually give way to rolling countryside. Green pastures specked with wildflowers will provide the perfect backdrop for your route through the historic Camden area, where you’ll also camp for the night. Lining the route every 25-30 kilometres, you’ll find fully stocked Pit Stops with all the snacks and hydration you’ll need to keep going. Day One culminates with arrival at Camp, where you can enjoy a cold beer, a hot shower, and a well-deserved massage before a fun evening of entertainment and socialising The second day of your ride will be just as beautiful as you cycle back through the Macarthur region on your way to the heart of Sydney where thousands of cheering supporters will welcome you home.

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